Absolutely refuted, no question. Infrared rising, Mmerican hegemony deteriorating.

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🦍 ☀️ 🦍 ☀️ 🦍 ☀️ 🦍

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Thank you!, great article. (I'm forcing my friends and family to read it).

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Mar 3, 2022·edited Mar 3, 2022

🇷🇺 💪

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> "Russia is presently governed by a type of popular front,"

Like, for real? This is next level retarded.

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Glenn and Assange are good litmus tests, if you take either seriously, you're a patsy/mark and automatically ignored.

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retarded pseudo intellectual lmao

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Jun 4, 2022·edited Jun 4, 2022

Strelkov has described exactly why tankies are so seriously stupid. He created "novorossiya", he should know why it is a magnet of apologia, disaster, and human rights catastrophe. It is one thing for tankies to ignore torture and filtration camps - we expect that - but the way that Haz argues that a STRONG ruble is good shows how deeply stupidity is part of the tankie brand. Even if they tried to do real materialist analysis, Putinites are just uniformly dumb. At least Kadyrov is honest about enjoying torture and child brides. Tankies should aspire to that kind of animalistic consistency.

Haz seems like a good example of why Russians see Armenians, Ukrainians, Dagestanis, Buryati, etc, as disposable, he is definitely some kind of mutt sub-ethnicity that no Orc would want in the dacha next door. Strictly untermenschen.

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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

🤔... This Commie Bastard does NOT come off as an some overeducated moralizing Moron made out of(MixedNMatched parts-bin Moron parts originally meant to be primary pieces for putting together multiple Previously made mediocre models of many multitudes of)Other Morons pissing Platitudes into the wind, promoting the power of Pronouns, preaching the promise of staying Alert & AWARE of ANY ANNOUNCEMENT of TheAUTHORATIVE SOURCES And Act Accordingly by ALWAYS Making Sure 2 B Sure U R Piously PLAYING ALONG In Public By ALWAYS Practicing In Private to make sure to be making Sure To Believe In The Power Of Power, For the sake of WokePower AND also in WokishFolkMagic Less Ye Be Led Astray By Listening 2 The Sound Of The Words Whispered On The Wind Said by Surfing Assadist Apologists And Assets of russiaRussiaRUSSIA For They Are Getting GROOMerED (And NOT In A Great or Even Good Way As It Otherwise Is Almost Always) And Feeding On ReeeepublicanTalkingPoints That TheReeeeeeeeePublican Groomers Grooming Her Are Reading Her Thru An AirPod In Her Ear & Sent over the RadioWaves She isn't Surfing From A Fellow TalkyTalkalkTalking On A WalkyTalky Who WalkyWalkWalkWalks ALotLike looks ALOT Like & TOTALLY TALK(ingPoint)S Like... Fucking... like... TuckerFucking...


☝️and... Russinlly RoughHousing Around In A RadicallyFarExtraFarExtremllyFarFarRightWing Way With... No... With... cant be... But it is.. with



. ☝️🙄 that's how I'm used to hearing so-called-(because-they-claim-to-be-)Marxists sound like...

And Although I'm Justa dumb

BOO(but a boomer born after the boom of the a-bomb that brought about the boomers but also a boomer born B4 the first millennials even landed, let alone B4 they let all the millennials-out-on-the-loose!)MER who doesn't have a college degree... & obvs kept getting duped by & Will continue getting duped by that OrangeMan if he is even tweeterTexts out a twit-post of 8's🍑/EghtsPeach on zocialMedia ever again, zo thanks.

Now I'm no fan of Karlos de la Marxado(YOU FOOL!) i know... But to my IgnorantFarRightConservativeEars:


Are NOT Marxists But NeoMarxists Cuz They Give Off The Same Phoney Vibes All Neo-X+ists of NeoAnyIdeology Give Off Who Want To Be Associated With X-Ideology But Don't Want To Adhere To Certain Basic or Particular Integral Tennents Because It's Too Inconvenient!!(not trivializing, if a Fundamental Tennent of X was adopting a Vegan or an Atkins(NoCarb) diet, it's just an all day permanent Inconvenience but if You want to follow X go all the way, maybe the diet was Intentionally designed to discourage attracting a Particular kind of person that with some unrelated character trait that correlates with people who are very attached to certain eating habits vs someone else who doesn't really care much about what kind of foods they can or cannot ever have again.)

☝️ Let's say You are a MultiMillionaire who made & is making Millions Monetizing, Legitimizing & CulturallyCementing themselves in the PublicConscious as A Political/Religious Guru of and/or within a Particular Ideology... 🤔... like...


✋wait. NM, that's it's OWN thing and Not Already Established (I mean not Seemingly broadly Established but... NOT a parody and NOT a Movement That Tolerates Even The Slightest GoodFaith Insinuation That it's a good or Jus4Funsies but might be a Jus2BaitRandosIn2EvenDaring2AskThemselvesIfTheyShouldImplyTheyAreNotDieHardCoreAllAboutWhateverCoreConceptsTheyFoundThatThatParticularSynthesis... 🐍-"Sssssynthesized"

But... Say Your A MultiMillionaire Preaching some kinda Marxist Socialism to Abuncha Mostly MiddleClass Teenz-To-20Somethings Usually LowKey Just Legitimizing Them To Hate BlueCollar(AmericanWorkingClass)Folks, A BROAD RANGE OF VERY VERY DIVERSE GROUP & OVER A VERY BROAD RANGE IN MANY CASES VERY UNINTUITIVE RANGE OF OCCUPATIONS WITH INCOMES RANGING FROM $0.00/Year to(the highest anecdotal outlier from hotel janitor to hotel maintenance worker to shipyard worker Re-Painting Ships for The Navy to foreman due2 work ethic & labor recruiter/HR due2 being PuertoRican A.F. ... well due to Being bilingual & was always needed to translate H.R. process so may as well have him do it instead of translating to anyone else... to Hey! why don't I just Become the A Contractor & bid on Jobs now that I know the processes OWN Conrunning companies while owning and especially accumulating little or no "capital"

Win Contract To Paint a Ship. Find enough Qualified & Availabile Workers, schedule huddle Negotiate Floor(Lowest Pay Each was Willing to work Job For) 4 Each Job for Each Position, consider all factors other than LaborCost and don't just put the Minimum possible but get a Rep of HighestPaying Contractor to SubContractors, win contract, when won call shipyard and contract, reserve drydock, order paint wait for October, dont microManage &/or delegate your work to Team, delegate manager responsibilities but set the pace & lead by Example of PaintingTheFuckOutOfThisShip, finish ahead of shedule & Everyone gets the same extra-off time bonus Step7 Profit keeping your Contractor HQ in yer Parents Garage & Hiring Yerself To Work As One of Your SubContractors Who Works Along With Everyone. Continue Exploiting Yourself for TheEDGE that "Intentionally Ensuring You Have Overlapping Interests With


(✅TheSubs or TheGov?) & With Whom You can build a Relationship With When Choosing What

✅Product/Service To Offer

4Sale: (TheSub'sLabor OR

✅TheGov's Stolen[Taxed]CashFromStolen[Property]Land as it gives you over Traditional

Top Down/Out-of-Garage "If I Only Knew What My Workers Are All About I Could Increase Productivity... Hey! Let's Hire More Consultants From TheWhiteLiberal!")


(My 4-figure income is $6,000.00/

$6k PetroDollars/yr in NYC obvs with multiple pub.assist progs so after $10k it gets kinda abstract to me $100k/$1,000k/$1M/$10B

(Depending On A Sometimes Complicated Array Of Circumstances (PAST & Present) People)


☝️Let's take Economist, Philosopher, PoliticalScientist, Activist, Agitator, Poet & WorkingClassHero: TheHonorable Dr. SirComrade-Professor:HassanAbi P.B.U.H. Champion Of ThePeople,

BernieBro of Everyone But Lenin's BestBro, Our

|High|Van|Guardian| of TheProletariatsVGParty ScourgeOf|Spies|, Traitors, Kulaks &

Landlords RentSeeking $6k/yr


🙄-"No Hassan"

✊🏻🧔🏻-"What The Fuck, Bro you are POOR, why are you looking out for the rich you dumb Bitch!"

😐-"It's Less About Keeping It IN Their Hands & More About Keeping It From Being Consolidated Under One Moron & Falling Into His/Hym/Herpz Hands or

They/Them/DEMs Hands.

What About You?

you HyperKulak!?!?"

✊🏻🧔🏻-"Bro I NEEDED a house! But Not for NOT 4 ME But FOR My MOM, She Woulda been homeless otherwise and

SOOOO... I had to have a House, I can't help it if this is how much Homes are, That's why I Stream So Hard Everyday, I Can't Help it If TheRevolution Is Crystalizing Around Me! its Easy, You Want A Million?

Just Write A Book or Start Streaming, if You Already are,





& Just Don't Get Banned. StreaM:HARD|DREAM:HarD &

#JusDonTBRacist: !!"

😏-"OfficerPiker! You


PatrolmanPiker! You WileyWhiteWigglyWorm... Why Were You SecretlyOnSurflineWorldWideWebbingWithWeaponizedWorkersOfTheWorldWendesday

Don't Be Getting me All RiledUp OverYour GoofyAss! GusanoLite NotSoNeoGusano NotEvenNeo-Gusano #NeoNutsoGusano NeoNaziGroomerGuy

Two Things You Can't Be Because Ya CAN'T

A. A WhiteMillionaireMarxist.



B. A WhiteMuslimUnWedSexHaver.(86theMuslimPart)

C. Can YOU Be A MuslimMarxist No.

Can U B A MarxistMuslim? Not Really. At Least Not the TheWay Hassan "Thinks" Mean.

That 2Opie22 guy CrackerAss WhiteLiberal SandCracker Hoss

STILL Wants WhitEthnoKommunistState To Be Established on Epstein's Island

🤔Soo What IS Hassan's WhiteBitchIdeology?

. ★ReVolutionary🕶️BroCialist★

. 🤘🏻Do YOU😎BRO Marx?🖕🏻

. "#DoYouEvenMarxBro?"

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